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Alpha Industries is a successful family business of 4 generations, not only well-founded but also well-managed and these qualities are reflected in our products, making them authentic, trustworthy, lasting, and personalized.

All started in 1934 with a launch of Heeren Sanitary Products, with years to the business was added pool installations and sunbeds production, but in 1985 after rebranding Alpha Industries get more concentrated on wellness field. So till now, we are a leader in the international market and a well-known manufacturer of high-quality wellness products.

Our large product range includes saunas, infrared saunas, steam rooms, salt caves, relaxation rooms, hot tubs, foot spas, experience showers, ice and snow rooms, and other related thermal experiences. As well, we provide our own wellness accessories, like ovens, heaters, lounge benches, etc.; and garden accessories, like fences, garden lights, pool house, and others. We create the ultimate wellness with innovative installations and relaxing experiences.

About Us

Why Choose Us?

The most important for us is that: «Our product satisfies the client’s needs!». That’s why besides a wide range of standard products, we offer custom-made solutions which make our possibilities almost infinite.

This is proven by our different and large marketplaces, such as Europe, The USA, the UAE, and China. 90% of the products are made in-house at the Alpha factory and we only work with certified and the best in the field suppliers, that's why we can guarantee high quality and durability.

Our customers just have to choose a product, but survey, design, production, delivery, installation, and maintenance — all will be done by our team!

Why Choose Us?

It is a fundamental principle of our company to listen to the end users — the consumer and not just guess what they want


Koen Heeren, CEO of Alpha Industries